Tuesday, May 5, 2020

End of the Year 2020

Wow, have we been on a ride this school year!  How are you ending your school year?  Some of us are still teaching.  It's been a challenge for many of us to learn to teach from home and for our students to learn from home.  Right now it's more about connecting with students and families rather than teaching our students new concepts.  Some of us want to make the last couple of weeks of school fun and memorable!

I created this Bingo that can be used on the last week of school. You can download it for FREE.

Students can place a sticker or draw a star on each square that they complete.  They can keep marking their squares until they make a Bingo.  You can also assign them a blackout Bingo or a four corners Bingo.


For those that would still like to hold an awards ceremony, I have some certificates that you may like.  I tried to make them fun and creative! You can probably give them 2 or 3 certificates, it's okay to repeat them.  I tried to come up with some that could be given even to those students that didn't do much of online learning. The certificates will be a temporary Freebie, so download them now and share this post with your teacher friends, so they can download them too.  By the way, it's available in Spanish as well.
I hope everyone has a great end of the school year!  I know that many of us have been working overtime and are ready for a good long break.

Best Wishes!


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