Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter Storm Text to World

Just like every year, we drove to West Texas for Christmas.  The weather was nice when we drove there but two days later Winter Storm Goliath caught us by surprise.  We didn't have much time to get ready.  We did however, have the essentials:
-food (bread, cooked and then frozen dinners, and canned foods)
-medicines (our toddler had a cough)
-a snow shovel
-plenty of blankets
We did stay inside, we cuddled with blankets, played games, watched movies and waited.  Once we thought we could leave the house, we shoveled the snow out of our driveway, saw some people get stuck and decided it wasn't time to leave the house yet.  The next day, we tried again and by then the roads were more clear but we were still careful to not get stuck.  By the third day, the wind had calmed down enough that we could go outside and build a snowman!

Right now, Winter Storm Kayla is approaching my friends in the Midwest.  Many of our students are experiencing these storms which makes a  great Text-to-World Connection!  Even if your students didn't experience either storm directly, they can hear stories about other people that did.  You can discuss what they did, how long they were inside the house and why, how it looked outside, what they felt, and how they felt when they were finally able to go outside the house again.
Text to World Freebie

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