Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Gift Tags for Beginning of the Year Teacher Gifts

Are you ready to go back to school?  I know a lot of parents are thrilled that their precious children are going back to school!  I can tell you that us teachers never feel quite rested enough to go back to school, but we also get excited to see our new little friends walk through the door on the first day of school!

As a teacher, I'm excited to go back to school and begin our new adventure every year.  As a mom, I'm secretly excited that someone else is going to "help" me with my sassy little daughter most of the day!  She's a handful to have at home all day long for several weeks!  As we go back to school, I deeply appreciate everything her teacher will do for her to help her grow.

To show my appreciation, I have decided to get her teacher a few little gifts.  No matter what the gifts are, teachers will get excited when their students bring them a little something.  It's always nice to know that someone appreciates them a little bit and remembers them.

So, here are some easy, inexpensive, and quick gifts that you can get your child's teacher on the first few days of school to show your appreciation!

Once you have decided on a gift, just print out these gift tags on white cardstock, cut them out, and attach them with some ribbon and a hole punch.

By the way, the gift tags are FREE and you can find them HERE!


Best Wishes!


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