Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mr. Turkey's Bakery Bilingual Freebie

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This is a great moment to incorporate "The Bakery" into your classroom. Pretend play is very important  because it allows children to begin to developing friendships with peers. It's a great opportunity to have students engaged in a conversation that is meaningful to them because who doesn't love anything that comes from a bakery?

I created an oven out of a shoe box.  It's very simple, I just cut a small square on the top, covered the hole with plastic wrap (almost unnecessary because mine lasted about 10 minutes before it had a hole in the plastic wrap), and made, then glued on a handle made from the piece I had cut out.

In Mr. Turkey's Bakery, I have included a mini book, picture cards for bakery items and their names to match, and a check-off list for students to mark what they have baked. They are included in both English and in Spanish!
Mr. Turkey's Bakery Freebie!
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Hope everyone finds a wealth of Thanksgiving resources today!



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