Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mother's Day Writing Activities

Anyone else preparing for Mother's Day?  There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest for crafts that I can't decide on just one yet.  I have prepared some writing activities for my students for Mother's Day, though.  I love to hear my student's answers when they tell me how old their mom is, or what they would buy them if they had a million dollars.  I love this time of the year because my students love to talk about their mom.  Their mom is one of their favorite subjects and they feel like they're an expert on that subject!

Feliz dia de las madres
Feliz dia de las madres

I want to share the writing activities that I use with my students and a little mini coupon book because every mother deserves a special coupon book from their little one!
Feliz dia de las madres
I hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day and I wish that all moms get spoiled on their special day!

I will also be having a Teacher Appreciation Week Sale, so don't miss it!
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Happy Mother's Day!

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