Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My New Mary Kay Adventure

**Update** Sale is extended until May 27th!

Years ago, I used to be a Mary Kay consultant.  Then I got busy with work and let go of my Mary Kay business, but I never stopped using Mary Kay.  They have so many products that I love.  There's a few that I always use though.  My favorites are the eye make up remover, the acne treatment gel, and the TimeWise Repair® Set.
I use many other products like the satin lips, satin hands, and the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set.  I love to put the extra emollient night cream on my feet at night before I go to bed, it works wonderfully!  Right now they came out with a NEW Lash Intensity Mascara that looks amazing and I can't wait to try it!
Anyways, who doesn't like make-up?!
I just want to let everyone know that I've joined Mary Kay again and I'm very excited!  If you don't already have a consultant and want to give Mary Kay a try, I'm offering everyone a 25% discount on your purchase April 27th through May 27th.

I'm sure you can find a great Mother's Day present!

Click here to browse!

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