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Salud Dental/Dental Health

I want to introduce you to my sister Norma, who I’m very proud of.  She’s in dental school at the moment and has worked very hard to be where she’s at right now.  She has received her white coat and has begun working with patients.  She has been given the opportunity to volunteer to go on a mission trip to Jamaica in July.  She will be traveling from Dallas, TX to Montego Bay, Jamaica on July 18ththrough the 25th.  The purpose of this trip is for dental students to work with as many patients as possible to help people get the much needed dental care for free. Dental students are responsible for paying for their own fee, $800 plus airfare, $600.  The cost of this trip will include their room, food, equipment and dental supplies that they will use.  Students are already taking out loans to pay for these expensive classes, so adding another $1400 to their debt is not easy.  Since Norma really wants to take advantage of this opportunity to help people that need her, I want to help her accomplish this dream without it being a burden on her financial status.  I would like to invite you to help sponsor my sister in this journey as well!  So, how can you help?  Well, I have spent many hours putting together a dental health unit for your students!  I have created this unit with Norma and our students in mind!  This is the first unit that I have created in Spanish and then translated it into English, so you can actually get both!  It includes 6 math ideas, 7 language arts ideas, 4 science, 4 social studies, 4 art ideas and much more!  The ideas in both units are all in English, but the printables are in either Spanish or English.  All of the profit I make during May, June and July will go towards her Jamaica fund!  So, check out the preview and help sponsor Norma on this trip!
Salud Dental/Dental Health
I want to share some of the activities that are included in my dental unit.  So, even though dental month happens in February, you can teach about dental health anytime of the year.  I’ve noticed that a lot of the curricula we use don't include a lot about dental health.  I like to integrate all subjects into my weekly themes.  So, let me share with you some of the activities you can do with your students during dental week.

First of all, for math, students can make a teeth number line.  Students can cut out the teeth, place them in order and glue them on a sentence strip or on manila paper.  To get the number line teeth, click here.

For language arts, students can create a toothbrush and then you can assign something for them to write on.  For examples, for pre-k, they can just write “My Toothbrush”, for second grade, they can write adjectives that describe their toothbrush.

For science, demonstrate how soft drinks and coffee will stain their teeth but water will not.  Discuss how water is the best and healthiest drink they have that will benefit not only their teeth but the rest of their body as well.

For social studies, model the proper way to brush their teeth and floss using an egg carton.

You can also demonstrate what a cavity is and how a dentist takes care of it by putting a small silver hat over the hole in their tooth.

Students can get creative by creating a smile using a paper plate, crayons or markers, a popsicle stick and glue.

Involving and educating parents is crucial when it comes to dental health.  So, I’ve created an “Advice for Parents” that you can print out and send to your parents.  They might not know that if their child doesn’t take care of their baby teeth, they can actually damage their adult teeth underneath.  I’ve actually heard people say, “It’s okay, those teeth are going to fall out anyway!”.  Parents might also not know that cheese is actually a very good snack for their teeth.  Click here to access the "Advice for Parents".

Oh, and let me show you a dollar bill I got a hold of!  I’m not saying you should write on your money, I’m just saying that a tooth fairy did and I think it’s cute!

All of these activities and more can be found in my dental unit, check it out!  

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